Free Shipping? Explained

Is it Free?

Bluntly… No. We’re sure if and when you post items personally that you do not find a ‘post for free’ option at your local post office counter. 

Having sold on eBay and Amazon for many years and becoming a “Top Rated Seller” on both we are well aware of what is required on those sites and many other selling platforms. The number one requirement is ‘include’ postage on the products you sell. This is then converted into what is worded as ‘Free Shipping’ which is incorrect; It should be named ‘Shipping Included’.

Our Prices

We thought long and hard about postal options while developing this website and chose to provide a visible and honest post price on our frontend store. We have a longstanding relationship with the Royal Mail and have based our prices on the correct letter/parcel format to ensure the price paid is correct dependant on size and weight – this can be checked at any time via the Royal Mail website. We assure you we do not intentionally profit on post prices.

More important is that you only pay one set price for the post on our website. This is especially advantageous and certainly more apparent when purchasing multiple items. For instance, if purchasing an item at say £20.00, you may pay £3.95 shipping as an example (£23.95) but if you require say Ten or additional products, you pay no more than the advised £3.95 post price (weight dependant) – and NOT ‘free Shipping’ Ten times over at £3.95 x 10 £39.50.

If you have any questions concerning the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Always accurate with our ‘no‑profit’ postage costs