When bathroom space is an issue, or aesthetically to hide the cistern and unsightly pipework, you might want to consider using a concealed cistern that are easy to install and sit out-of-sight behind a wall, stud partitioning or in a unit.The design contributes to a cleaner, more modern and elegant looking bathroom
Check the height and depth of your partition carefully against the array of concealed cistern sizes available.
When choosing your concealed cistern, check carefully for the dimensions and suitability to your installation including future servicing options. Concealed Cisterns are compatible for a floor mounted back-to-wall pan, but if you are looking for a wall-mounted design then you should consider a frame model that incorporates the cistern and carries the weight of the toilet pan. Many concealed cisterns have a removable Flushing panel that enables easy servicing and available in varying designs to suit your bathroom decor