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  • 15mm Angled Radiator Valve Chrome

    15mm Angled Standard Wheelhead Radiator Valve With Lockshield All Chrome

    £3.64 (£3.03 ex. VAT)
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  • Honeywell Valencia VTL120-15A TRV Pack

    Honeywell Valencia VTL120-15A 15mm TRV Radiator Valve & Lockshield Pack

    £14.50 (£12.08 ex. VAT)
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  • Inta 15mm Drain Off Tail Piece 15DOT

    Inta 15mm x 1/2″ Radiator Valve Drain Off Tail Piece Chrome 15DOT

    £2.66 (£2.22 ex. VAT)
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Showing all 3 results