RWC 15mm Easifit TMV Thermostatic 2-in-1 Mixing Valve HEAT 112 010

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The Easifit Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) blends hot and cold water to ensure safe and comfortable water temperature, reducing the risk of accidental injuries and burns.

Ultra-compact and lightweight, Easifit is ideal for use in tight spaces. Easifit complies with all applicable UK and European performance standards.

Using the latest RWC advanced valve design and production techniques, the TMV can function at flow rates as low as 1/lpm, the lowest by far in the industry, and is also resistant to the adherence of scale and other system contaminants to provide increased valve longevity.

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• Reliable water temperature control
• Compact design is less obtrusive
• Fast and simple to install, service and replace
• Compliant with NHS and HTM04-01-D08 regulations
• 5-year guarantee for extra peace of mind
• Flat faced union connections for ease of maintenance
• 2-in-1 Version includes Check Valve’s & Strainers


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