Plumb Tub Flexible Plumbing Pipe Drain Off Tray

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No more buckets, ice cream tubs or curry trays! If you are a plumber or you do DIY, this useful tub will come in handy. If you are cutting pipes and need to catch some water this plumbing container is just the job.

If you need something flexible to get into those awkward spaces, or you have had burst pipes or even dripping taps then the plumbtub is just the plumbing accessory you need. The plumbtub will clip around pipes and help collect water, and as it gets full you can swap to a second empty tub.

When you are ready to empty the tub, stop the water flow and the elastic flanges will easily unclip and pull away from the pipe. empty the plumbtub and carry on draining.

From home maintenance to professional plumbers the plumbtub is the new tool, for leaks, draining down or dripping pipes

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  • flexible and tough
  • easily clips around pipe
  • for sizes from 10mm to 22mm pipe
  • holds approx 1.4 litres of water
  • flexible enough to go under floorboards
  • unclips easily when ready to empty
  • use with vertical or horizontal pipes
  • size: 250mm x 223mm x 73mm


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