Armitage Shanks SV Univalve Cistern Inlet Valve Washers SV32967 Pack of 5

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Replacement QT washer pack for the popular quarter turn SV Univalve fitted to many Armitage shanks and Ideal Standard cisterns in a handy pack of five for the larger installation jobs or to keep for spares

Slightly different in design to the original ‘older’ Hushflow washer by the additional rim seal on the base Quick and easy to replace by simple twisting the valve a quarter turn to expose the old washer

Your old washer once removed will have visible ribs imprinted into the rubber. This is perfectly normal as the washer forms to the inside shape of the inlet valve body once compressed in and used

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  • Suits the SV range of inlet valves
  • Pack Includes Five Washers
  • Fitted to many Armitage and Ideal suites
  • Not to be confused with the earlier ‘Hushflow’ washer
  • Simple quarter turn for easy service
  • Genuine Armitage/Ideal replacement product

Note: Like many manufacturers, Armitage often change the colour of their products to help identify the age of an item for warranty reasons. You may find older washer inserts all red,, all white or a combination of the two. This is no way affect the design or functionality of the product.

You will find the old washer will have stretched and will have visible  ‘grooves’. This is caused by the washer forming to the shape of the inner design of the inlet valve

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