Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks Cistern Codes

Match codes below against the Code inprinted to the underside of your Cistern Lid
Code      Name of Suite Seat Flush Valve Button
H/M825 IS Studio E988001 E003167 E4447AA
958 IS Studio E988001 E003167 E4447AA
E9501 IS Studio           E988002 E003167 E4447AA
H/M834 SOT Ravenna T663001 n/a n/a
H/M860 IS Buckingham Discontinued n/a n/a
H/M864 IS Princess Discontinued n/a n/a
H/M950 IS Studio E988001 E003167 E4447AA
H/M956 IS Michelangelo K700501 n/a n/a
H/M837 IS Accent K700401 E003167 E4447AA
HM842 IS Coroline Discontinued n/a n/a
H/M850 IS Tulip Discontinued n/a n/a
H/M752 IS Alto E759001 E003167 E4447AA
H/M719 IS Space      E709101 E003167 E4447AA
E721 IS Space E709101 E003167 E4447AA
817 IS Charleston Discontinued n/a n/a
804 IS Carousel Discontinued n/a n/a
H783 IS Chloe      Discontinued E003167 E4447AA
E4 IS White E002101 E003167 E4447AA
S9738 AS Accolade S402501 SV92667 EV344AA
S9744 AS Sandringham FV Various SV92867 EV343AA
S9750 AS Sandringham Various n/a n/a
H/M1768 AS Sandringham S4045 SV89067 EV344AA
S9748 AS Ascania Various E003167 E4447AA
9739 AS Halo Various SV92667 EV344AA
E9070 AS Sandringham Various n/a n/a
E9068 AS Sandringham 21 Various n/a n/a
E8969 AS Sandringham 21 LL Various n/a n/a
E7998 AS Concept Arc            Various SV92667 EV344AA
E7889 AS Concept Cube 4/6ltr Various SV92467 EV343AA
E7889 AS Concept Cube 2/4ltr Various SV89067 EV344AA
R3658 IS Washpoint              R3921/2 SV92667 EV344AA
 M678 SOT Oracle Various E003167 E4447AA
 674 IS Manta Discontinued n/a n/a
594 IS Kyomi E655001 n/a n/a
H/M576 IS Birkdale Various n/a n/a
M562 IS Revue Discontinued n/a n/a
562 SOT Reprise Discontinued n/a n/a
552 SOT Palazzo T663001 n/a n/a
H/M527 IS Kyomi E655001 n/a n/a
521 IS Juno Discontinued n/a n/a
M479 IS Reflections E4770 n/a n/a
479 AS Meadow Discontinued n/a n/a
H476 IS Reflections            E4770 n/a n/a
475 IS Victoriana Discontinued n/a n/a
H/M457 IS Duchess Discontinued n/a n/a
H/M1733 IS Isabella Discontinued n/a n/a
E2935 IS Baronet Various SV89067 EV201AA
1783 AS Cameo S402501 SV89067 EV344AA
E3109 IS Create Edge            E304401 E003167 E4447AA
E3049 IS Drift        E308601 E003167 E4447AA
E3050 IS Drift        E308601 SV92467 EV344AA
E3040 SOT Bodini E307901 n/a n/a
E2010 IS Berkley n/a SV92667 EV344AA
H/M1781 AS Lichfield S4030 n/a n/a
H/M1775 AS Tiffany S4040 SV89067 EV344AA
H/M1743 AS Montana S6600 SV89067 EV344AA
417 IS Kyomi E655001 n/a n/a
359 IS Fiori E863001 E003167 E4447AA
358 IS Windsor Discontinued n/a n/a
H/M358 IS Duchess Discontinued n/a n/a
351 AS Juno Discontinued n/a n/a
 444 AS Bramham   Discontinued n/a n/a
H/M251 IS Plaza E9270/1 n/a n/a
226 IS Plaza E9270/1  n/a n/a
H/M194 IS Linda          Discontinued n/a n/a
 151 IS Plaza E9270/1  n/a n/a
AP 150 AS Regal 80mm Outlet Discontinued n/a n/a
H/M150 AS Regal          Discontinued n/a n/a
  125 IS Plaza          E9270/1  n/a n/a
   89 IS Brasilia Petite Discontinued n/a n/a
    89 IS Brasilia Discontinued n/a n/a
H/M89 IS Cabria K700801 n/a n/a
    89 SOT Toscana K700801 n/a n/a
    55 IS Baronet Various n/a n/a
    H31 SOT Galliano T663001 n/a n/a
    H23 SOT Cassara Discontinued n/a n/a
    22 IS Ravenna T663001 n/a n/a
IS Ideal Standard
AS Armitage Shanks
SOT Sottini
n/a Not Applicable/Not Available