Honeywell 24 Hour Single Channel Heating Programmer ST9100A1008

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Specifically designed to control the temperature of 1 heating zone or application, the Honeywell ST9100A Programmer is a single channel timer, that works perfectly with mains, low voltage, or potential-free switching of the heating load.The programmer allows you to set 2 to 3 on/off period for each day, giving you added flexibility on when your heating is in operation.The Honeywell ST9100A provides timing control for your central heating system, letting you set ON and OFF periods to suit your own lifestyle. The ST9100A does not directly control the temperature but works together with other temperature controls, such as room thermostats, to control your heating system in your home.ST9100A has 1-day programming and 2 on/off periods per day, making it very simple to use.With its Line of Text (LoT™) display, setting the Programmer up to perform how you want it to couldn’t be easier. The on-screen instructions are written in simple, plain English text and you can change mode/screen by simply sliding a button. It is likely to won’t even need to refer to the instruction manual

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  • LoT™ display, providing text feedback for help and programming hints
  • Large backlit display
  • Factory set clock and date
  • Automatic Summer/Winter
  • 1 hour time change
  • Temporary or permanent override facilities
  • Extra hour facility for up to 3 hours boost or programme extension
  • Choice of 3 different built in programmes
  • Programme indicator lights
  • Fits on industry standard back plate
  • Direct replacement for ST6100 models
  • Suitable for mains, low voltage or potential free switching
  • Any programmed settings retained indefinitely in non volatile memory
  • Up to 3 on/off times per day

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